mission & vision

Let your inner moxie shine through the clutter and chaos in your life. 

By assessing your everyday wants and needs, I'll teach you techniques to find the things in your life that are serving you well so that you may let go of those things that no longer do.

I aim to help you empower yourself so you may take control of your environment, reminding you that the things you own don't own you.

inner moxie, LLC is Jodi Capaci, LMSW. Jodi is a social worker with a passion for efficiency and systems improvement. She has taken her skills as a social worker and applied them to helping others get organized.


Jodi has experience working alongside clients who seek positive change in their lives. She understands the effects that environmental factors can have on wellbeing and appreciates the value in finding simple solutions to achieve harmony in everyday life. 


As a social worker, Jodi has studied the importance of mindfulness and aims to integrate that into her organizing practice. She believes that we find ourselves in what she calls a "clutter-rut" because we’re all constantly on the move. Slowing down now so we can breeze through things later is what moxie will teach you how to do! 



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