meet the coach

YOU are

your greatest asset

Inner Moxie, LLC is personal coach Jodi Capaci, LMSW. Jodi is a personal coach with a passion for assisting clients in actualizing their unique life callings. She has taken her skills as a social worker and applied them to a career in helping others achieve their goals, specializing in helping clients overcome the negative effects of burnout & compassion fatigue.


Jodi has experience working alongside clients who seek positive changes in their lives and believes in the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. She has studied the practice of mindfulness and integrates mindfulness techniques into her coaching by providing clients with tools that will apply to every aspect of their lives. She believes that we may find ourselves in a rut when we ignore our instincts and settle for circumstances that are comfortable, rather than creating opportunities for ourselves that foster personal fulfillment.

I believe that every individual has moxie, it’s just a matter of opening up to all the possibilities that are always around, but often overlooked. Allowing for self-compassion & working to overcome self-doubt are key components to embracing your inner moxie.

You’ve got it, let shine.

I'm here to offer my clients a fresh perspective and help them trust in themselves. Sometimes our thought patterns get stuck in a loop and we tell ourselves “no” to solutions because we can’t think past a certain outcome. When this happens, we allow doubt to creep in and our fears to hold us back. 

I'll encourage you to harness your creativity to think outside of the box—the inside is full of preconceived notions that keep us from experiencing new things and deny us the right to aim higher. We often judge our thoughts before we listen to what they’re trying to telling us. Mindfulness is an important piece of the empowerment puzzle. When you allow yourself to pause for a moment, you honor your thoughts and feelings and open up to what your instincts have to show you.




It's when we truly believe in our own efficacy that we empower ourselves. 

This is when we realize that we can have a choice, that we can make a difference. 


Our biggest obstacle & our greatest asset may be one and the same.

There's invaluable merit to this revelation. It means we have the power to turn the tide. We have the power to effect the change we seek. We just need to get out of our own way. This can mean channeling the energy we’re using to stay stuck in that rut into energy focused on climbing out of it. You’re the only one who can accomplish that.

I’m here to help you extend your reach. 

I’m here support you and hold you accountable to yourself. I'll help you establish what matters to you most & work with you to manifest your values to get you where you want to be.

Clarifying values

so you may integrate them into your life in a meaningful way

moving forward 

acknowledging & accepting where you are so you may be free to move ahead

expelLing limiting beliefs

about your capabilities so you can overcome obstacles hindering your progress

integrating self-care strategies

into daily living, especially for helping professionals of all kinds

your coach is your own personal kick-starter

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coaching disclaimer

Personal coaching can serve as a supplement to therapy but never as a substitute for it.

While the process of working with a coach may have personal therapeutic value, personal coaching services are in no way the same as mental health services provided by social workers, counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists.

Why is this an important distinction?

Because, while the mental health professions mentioned above are all unique in comparison to each other, they all share common threads that personal coaching does not: education requirements, licensure certification, and training in psychotherapy. I value the institutions of these professions and want prospective clients to be informed of these differences. Part of the consultation appointment is determining if coaching is a good fit for you. 

If I feel that you would benefit from seeing a therapist, in addition to or in lieu of coaching, I will offer you trusted references for mental health services that you may contact if you so choose. If you are concurrently working with a therapist, I encourage you to let them know you are also seeing a coach.

But, aren’t you a social worker?

Yes, my formal education is in social work and I am a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW). However, I do not provide social work services to coaching clients. Coaching clients will receive coaching services only. Prospective clients must read and sign an agreement outlining the parameters of coaching before services can begin.